EDITORIAL: Kathleen Jenkins for City Council

EDITORIAL: Kathleen Jenkins for City Council

Kathleen Jenkins is an excellent candidate for the Orinda City Council.  She has the background and experience to be a diligent and caring city-council member.

Ms. Jenkins, a resident of Orinda for over 20 years, strongly supports Orinda’s excellent schools.  She knows very well that the quality and safety of Orinda’s schools are the main reasons families move to Orinda.  Ms. Jenkins pledges to do everything possible to protect Orinda’s pupils’ high-ranking achievements.  The city’s schools, she insists, must be safe and not become overcrowded.

Ms. Jenkins knows the Orinda area well.  Before locating in Orinda, she lived in Lafayette for 10 years.

Ms. Jenkins is for preserving Orinda’s quality of life.  Local control of Orinda’s land, she says, is imperative.  In recent months, Orinda’s City Council has written many letters to the state legislature, emphasizing the council’s opposition to a state takeover of the city’s land.  Ms. Jenkins strongly agrees with these letters’ support for local land-use control.

Orinda, Ms. Jenkins says, has a unique and beautiful environment.  She wants to keep Orinda’s semi-rural character.  She supports Orinda’s fine shops and businesses.

In the area of finance, Ms. Jenkins is a proponent of the responsible handling of the city’s funds.  She wants residents to have a voice in how the city’s money is spent.

Ms. Jenkins is concerned about parking, traffic, and open space.  She supports continuing the important job of fixing Orinda terrible roads.

As a member of the city council, Ms. Jenkins pledges to listen to the city’s residents.  She encourages town-hall meetings and interacting with the news media.

Ms. Jenkins is an experienced contract negotiator.  She has managed large projects for the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Department of Defense.  She has worked for the University of California and for private enterprise.

Ms. Jenkins is a person of high integrity.  She is a hard worker.  She means what she says.

The Icon is pleased to endorse Kathleen Jenkins for election to the Orinda City Council.

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