Think of New York City, Tokyo, and Calcutta.

These cites are crowded — much too crowded.

And what do these cites have in common with Orinda, California?  Simply this:  Orinda is becoming overpopulated.

The nearby chart shows Orinda’s population statistics from 1960 to the present time.



Year                   Population

1960                     4,712

1970                     6,790

1980                    16,825

1990                    16,642

2000                    17,599

2010                    17,643

2014 (est.)             18,390


Source:  United States Census.

From 1960 to the present time, Orinda population has exploded, growing by almost 400%.

All this growth has occurred in an area of 12.7 square miles.

Growth can be wonderful — until it becomes unmanageable.

Can Orinda hold any more people comfortably?

The answer is “yes” if one likes overcrowded schools, traffic jams, very limited parking, and buildings that go above Orinda’s 35-foot height limit.

The answer is “no” if one values a semi-rural, village-like environment.

The time has come to put a moratorium on growth in Orinda.

One must ask:  Does Orinda, after a severe drought from 2011 to 2015, have enough water to accommodate more growth?  In 2015, all Orinda residents were told that water use would be limited to 1,000 gallons a day.  Residents exceeding that threshold would be assessed a financial penalty.

If Orinda is filled up, there are plenty of other places — very nice places — to live.

So let’s stop building in Orinda and let people desirous of pleasant suburban living locate elsewhere.

To any newcomer who wants to live in Orinda, tell him to wait for an existing home to become vacant.

As Orinda becomes more crowded, some people may want to leave.  If these individuals want to live elsewhere, Orinda can adopt the slogan:  “Let my people go.”

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