EDITORIAL: Re-Elect Catherine Baker To The State Assembly

EDITORIAL: Re-Elect Catherine Baker To The State Assembly

In November 2014, Catherine Baker (R-Dublin) won election to a two-year term to the California State Assembly.  She was re-elected in 2016.

Now running for a third term, Assemblywoman Baker deserves re-election.  Her name will appear on the June 2018 primary ballot.

Assemblywoman Baker, whose 16th Assembly District includes Orinda, has been a tireless advocate of good government. Her district includes such cities as Lafayette, Moraga, San Ramon, Danville, and Pleasanton.

Ms. Baker is hard-working, frequently holding town-hall meetings to obtain the views of constituents.  She is actually an elected official who listens to her constituents.  How many other elected officials do people know who pay attention to voters?

The assemblywoman is a lawyer, having graduated from the Law School (Boalt Hall) of the University of California at Berkeley.  Ms. Baker holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Chicago.

Ms. Baker is an unusual Republican.  She is not part of the Republican establishment — an establishment that is personified by President Donald Trump, who knows more about making enemies than friends and comports himself in a rude, polarizing way that is not presidential.

In her almost four years in the Assembly, Ms. Baker has worked to obtain results and avoid polarizing partisanship.  She is a strong supporter of education at all levels.  In the area of higher education, she favors giving more priority to students who are residents of California.  In a written statement, Ms. Baker says, “I have authored bipartisan legislation that will limit the number of out-of-state UC [University of California] admits [and] ensure out-of-state students admitted do not have lower academic qualifications than in-state students . . .”

Assemblywoman Baker opposes the high-speed rail project that, if completed, will connect Northern California and Southern California by train.  She opposes the Twin Tunnels project designed to deliver more Northern California water to areas further south.  She wants the money that might be spent on high-speed rail and the Twin Tunnels to be re-directed toward water-storage projects, schools, and transportation.

In 2013, BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) workers went on strike twice.  Ms. Baker opposes strikes by BART workers.  If her anti-strike stance sounds unacceptable to organized labor’s supporters, Ms. Baker’s position is identical to a famous advocate of working people.  In 1937, President Franklin Roosevelt wrote that he opposes strikes by public employees.

In the area of women’s equality and health, Ms. Baker has written, “We need to ensure women are treated equally in the workforce and are afforded the same opportunities as their male counterparts.”

Ms. Baker, on the subject of abortion, is pro-choice.

The Icon enthusiastically endorses Assemblywoman Catherine Baker for-re-election.

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