Big Money Pays Off

Big Money Pays Off

Candidates who received the most money for the Orinda City Council’s November 2018 election all won.

According to the Orinda City Clerk’s office, three candidates — Amy Worth, Nick Kosla, and Dennis Fay — collectively brought in $57,241.  That total, when added to money from Orindans for a Better Downtown (OBD), came to $61,640.

OBD was a special group that supported Worth, Kosla, and Fay.

The total of $61,640 represents 88.6 percent of all city-council campaign monetary contributions.

For all city-council candidates, the total amount of money received was $69,565.

Five candidates ran for three open city-council seats.  The three winners were Worth, Kosla, and Fay.  The two losers were Kathleen Jenkins and Eve Phillips.  Phillips and Jenkins received 10.4 percent of all monetary contributions.

Phillips was a city-council incumbent who was first elected to the city council in 2014.  Jenkins was a new city-council candidate.

The chart below shows the monetary contributions for all city-council candidates.

Monetary Contributions to Candidates for the Orinda City Council (for all of 2018).

Candidate/ Organization Total 2018 Monetary  Contributions Percent of Total
Amy Worth $31,783 45.7%
Nick Kosla $15,124 21.7%
Dennis Fay $10,334 14.9%
Kathleen Jenkins $5,124 7.4%
Eve Phillips $2,801 4.0%
Orindans for a Better Downtown (For Worth, Kosla, & Fay) $4,399 6.3%
Total $69,565 100%

OBD was a large contributor to Worth, Kosla, and Fay.  According to the Orinda City Clerk’s office, Norm and Janet Pease, 48 Donald Drive, Orinda, California 94563 donated $2,000 to help elect Worth, Kosla, and Fay.  An internet search for OBD produced only a set of photographs of downtown Orinda.

Worth received $2,000 from the IBEW (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers) PAC (Political Action Committee) at 1875 Arnold Drive, Martinez, California 94533.  Worth received $500 from the Northern California Carpenters Regional Council Small Contributor Committee, 288 Hegenberger Road, #200, Oakland, California 94821.

Worth received $1,000 from the California Real Estate Pac (Political Action Committee), 525 South Virgil Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90020.

In additional to serving on the Orinda City Council, Worth is a director of MTC (Metropolitan Transportation Committee).  MTC does transportation planning for the nine-county Bay Area.  MTC directors are not directly elected by voters.

From an entity associated with State Senator Steve Glazer (D-Orinda), who represents Orinda and nearby cities in the California State Senate, Worth received $250.  The actual entity that gave the money was Glazer for State Senate 2020.  The address associated with the entity is 61 La Espiral, Orinda, California 94563.

Kosla largest contribution, $5,000, came from Norman Pease.  Pease’s address is 48 Donald Drive, Orinda, California 94563.  He lists his occupation as “cattle ranching.”

Kosla’s received two contributions of $500 each.  One came from Jordan Pease, P.O. Box 3063, Ashland, Oregon 97420; the other came from Shoshana Chazan, 12 Del Mar Court, Orinda, California 94563.

On Feb. 25, 2019, The Icon asked Fay about the campaign contributions from Orindans for a Better Downtown.  He said he knew nothing about any contributions from the organization.

–By Richard Colman

(Disclosure:  The reporter for this article gave donations to Jenkins and Phillips.  Later, there was a partial refund from Jenkins.  Phillips returned the entire contribution that she received.)  ν

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