Can We Talk?

Can We Talk?

When is the last time the government of Orinda had an open exchange with the city’s residents?

In the last 10 years, no one from the Orinda City Council has held a town-hall meeting or a press conference.

In June 2017, The Icon asked the city council to put an item — an item about holding a town-hall meeting — on a council agenda.

Interim City Manager Steve Salomon wrote The Icon on Aug. 1, 2017.  He said:  “I have discussed this [idea of a town-hall meeting] with the Mayor and she thinks this is worth pursuing.  I will put an item on August 15 for discussion.”

However, the August 15 city-council agenda contained no mention of a town-hall meeting.

Orinda’s residents want and need to know what the future of their city will be like.  Will Orinda have overcrowded schools, open space, a semi-rural environment, and high-rise, high-density housing?

Apparently, the city council is not willing to have a dialogue with the city’s residents.  This bodes ill for the future of Orinda.

Perhaps the city council — or at least a majority of the council — believes that the city’s taxpayers work for the council.  In a democracy, elected officials work for the citizens.

Is the city council, when communicating with residents, acting more like some version of Vladimir Putin’s Russia or Donald Trump’s Washington. D.C.?

– Richard Colman

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