EDITORIAL:  Bruce London for City Council

EDITORIAL:  Bruce London for City Council


“You have been sat too long here for any good you have been doing.  Depart, I say, and let us have done with you.  In the name of God go.”

Those words were uttered by the English dictator Oliver Cromwell when he addressed the English Rump Parliament in April 1643.

Cromwell might as well have been speaking about the majority of the Orinda City Council.

With the notable exception of council member Eve Phillips, the city council, over the last decade, has made Orinda a less desirable place to live.  The city’s semi-rural environment is in jeopardy.  The schools face overcrowding.  Unless this trend is stopped, Orinda, a city which has no more room for development, faces the construction of high-density, high-rise housing.  This housing, when occupied, will only make Orinda’s traffic and parking problems worse.  Unelected bureaucrats in Sacramento and opaque regional bureaucracies are forcing Orinda to build hundreds of new residences.

Ms. Phillips, who was elected to the council in 2014, has tried valiantly to bring balance and good judgment to a city council that has ignored the concerns of Orinda’s voters.  But she is only one vote among five council members.

In short — and excluding Ms. Phillips — the city council that has been in power from 2004 to the present time has brought Orinda to the brink of ruin.

Ms. Phillips, alone, has tried to put Orinda on a different course.  She needs help.

That help can come from Bruce London, MD, a retired radiologist and 32-year Orinda resident.

Dr. London is committed to preserving Orinda’s semi-rural environment, keeping the city’s school excellent, and adhering to the city’s 35-foot height for buildings.

Moreover, Dr. London is not a candidate a special interests — like those interests that want more real-estate development in a city that is full.

Dr. London stands for openness and candor in Orinda’s dealings.  He wants public safety to be a top priority.  He opposes mandates placed on Orinda by unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats.  He wants the city council to hold more town-hall meetings and press conferences.  He believes the city council needs to communicate more effectively with the city’s residents.

Dr. London is not an opponent of changing Orinda’s downtown look.  He wants to refresh downtown in an environmentally sensible manner, much as the man-made Golden Gate Bridge enhances the Bay Area’s natural beauty.

Dr. London is running an honest campaign, a campaign which refuses to take money from special interests.

To bring reform and transparency to Orinda, Dr. London needs your vote.  Without his presence on the city council, Orinda will only deteriorate further and enter the abyss of rampant urbanization.

To preserve the value of your schools and your home — and to protect Orinda’s village-like atmosphere — vote for Dr. Bruce London for the Orinda City Council.  The year 2016 may be the last chance for Orinda’s voters to save their city.

Election day is November 8.

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